Update: What is Belidos3D doing?


Hi guys, most of you may have noticed by now that i haven’t uploaded any videos for the past six months.

Things have been hectic for me since the various states of lockdown and I’ve been working in my primary job more than ever, and just haven’t had enough time to record modelling and do all the editing involved, not to mention going through a period of serious back issues leaving me unable to get out of bed, and followed by kidney stones gone bad leading to an infection, so I have taken some me time and have been spending the small amount of time I have keeping up with my gaming streams on CheckingMyLootz.

Hopefully in the next few weeks things will begin to calm down considerably and I will be able to focus again on 3D modelling and start pushing out videos.

I’d like to thank each and every one of my subscribers for sticking with me through this period, i really appreciate you all and i hope to start getting back into things soon.

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