Modelling Clutter Assets – p1: Books | Blender & Substance


Part 1 of a short series of Blender to Unity via Substance Painter videos in which i go through how i create and texture clutter assets for games.

Clutter assets are small incidental objects randomly placed in scenes to make them feel lived in, in this first part, using Blender i take you through my method of creating a simple book asset, then move it into Substance Painter to texture.

Edit: I’ve just noticed a small section of the video is missing (at 2:39), my apologies for that, I’ve no idea how that happened, just checked the original and it’s all there, must be a YouTube upload glitch. In the mean time, if you’re wondering what was missing it was only two steps:

  1. I added a single edge loop top to bottom and pushed it along the X to create the width of the spine.
  2. I selected the faces of the pages and extruded them along the normals (alt+E & extrude along normals) to inset them







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